Here you can find some pictures of our Risen-School. We have different albums. One with all of our children, another with the children using school material brought by volunteers, and another one with our animals. Underneath you can find some pictures of the animals, living at Risen School. Also one slider with some pictures of the Risen School team and some volunteers.

Robart and Nitike take care of the children. Nitike cooks lunch for all children every day and Robart is the director of the Risen School Mafinga.

This is Robart. He is always smiling and tries his best to make everybody happy who stays at Risen School.

Nitike is the wife of Robart. She likes to visit church on sundays and can show you how to cook in traditional ways at the outdoor kitchen of Risen School.

This is Krister. She is the main teacher of Risen School. Every morning she sings the banana-tree-song with the children in English.

If you work at Risen School in Mafinga, you have to be a good team player. At Risen School all the adults behave like friends in order to make each day as special as possible for the children.

This is Amanda. She visited Risen School for more than six weeks and painted all the walls of the school. She has also collected donations from her home country Canada. This was enough to buy a lot of land for farming and start building a new, bigger Risen School.

Fritz is the name of the young cat on Amandas shoulder. A beautiful healthy little boy.

Ana and Vicente from Spain. They came to collaborate and fundraise money for the School.

Ana, Robart and some kids getting their porridge.

Two Manchester United supporters

Charly from Barcelona. She has collaborated with Ana and Vicente, developing the school and fundraising money.

Jan-Philippe and Lea from Germany. They spent one month in the school helping in its development and fundraising money.